Baptizing a child is important, but beyond the beautiful memories that we will create in the house of God we always want to take the opportunity to celebrate the event with a great organization. And what better than choose a professional agency to achieve it!


In Barcelona Events we understand the importance of celebrating any event in the life of anyone. Age doesnt matter. Celebrating each achievement motivates all of us to achieve another, and doing it the right way helps to create good memories for the future.

Through baptisms youre telling god, if you are a Catholic, that you have presented your son to him. Its a way to ask for his blessing and take the first step to strengthen your baby’s belief. So that tomorrow becomes a man or a woman who knows that faith does move mountains.


Many celebration agencies tend to have the same way of working, where they believe that the way of celebrating events is always the same. We, regardless of the nature of it, will help you enjoy them in a truly unique way.

It is not necessary that you know in detail each small requirement, we have trained personnel who can offer you opinions and suggestions so that the ideas you have in mind are always brought to reality in the best possible way. We will exceed your expectations.

With us the budget does not have to be a problem, since we are able to adapt to any amount. And, best of all, it is not a limitation either. We will look for all possible alternatives to fulfill everything you have dreamed for at that time without spending expenses.

As it is an event where children will go, we also have activities to help them have fun, such as body paiting (known in children’s parties such as facial painting). And we not only take care of every detail of the location and the theme, but also of the refreshments that the attendees will ingest thanks to our catering service.


It is very difficult to entrust the preparations for an important celebration to an agency, but we at Barcelona Eventos have experience not only in this package, but also in many others (such as bachelor parties, birthdays, weddings, graduations, among others).

Dare to believe that the combination of budget and quality service is possible with us.

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