The most important day of your relationship

Weddings can be the most beautiful and stressful events that exist, especially if you do not have a team like us to carry out the planning and execution of it.


We live in a world where love is love, and that is something that should not be discussed with anyone. But know that there are still people who are trapped in the past and prefer to see two men with weapons that, hand in hand, we do not.

In Barcelona Eventos we provide a service regardless of whether you are a heterosexual or LGBTQ + couple, because we all deserve to make our dream come true and that the weddings we have dreamed since we have reason can be carried out without any problem.


A fundamental part of making this celebration perfect depends on the place. And we know that sometimes finding the right one can be frustrating and unnecessarily late. But you should know that we work based on making all the stress that the planning of this event does not fall between your shoulders.

If you have a place where you want it to take place, we will listen to your suggestions and get to work to make it possible and, if not, then we will show you the right way to get the location that best suits what you have imagined.


Part of making a memorable celebration is the entertainment it can provide. And not only to the guests, but also to ourselves to be able to enjoy the moment that will only happen to us once in a lifetime. It must be unique and there is no negotiation!

In Barcelona Eventos we know what it takes to encourage weddings, that is why we have activities such as live music. Where we will have an interpreter of the style, genre and songs you want so that it is totally a personalized show that goes according to the theme.

In the same way, you can count on other activities such as dance, no matter if you want a demonstration of salsa, aerial dance, flamenco or any other genre of dance we will have it ready for you at the time you want. Do you want to participate in the dance? We can do that too.


We are a team that will fulfill all your requests so that you live one night, or day, as you have always been dreaming. Apart from that, we have experience in bachelor parties, birthdays, baptisms and many other events and activities that can attest to our work experience and professionalism.

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